New Volunteers

All New Volunteers must read and sign the form below.
Volunteer Application Form and Waiver.


We are happy to welcome you as a potential volunteer with Bend’s Community Center (BCC).  We want you to feel that your association with BCC and any of our services and programs will be a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience.  You have joined an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for quality, customer service, and caring for the community.  Credit for this goes to every one of our employees, volunteers, and job training participants.

This Volunteer Handout has been prepared to inform you about BCC’s history and philosophy, as well as the benefits provided to you as a valued volunteer and the conduct expected from you.

As an event facility, BCC partners with many local non-profits, clubs, agencies and organizations by providing an affordable and flexible location for trainings, workshops, conferences, and special events (even after-hours receptions, fundraisers and weddings!)  All proceeds from hall rentals go to support BCC’s programs and services.

As a social service provider, BCC offers several unique programs including the largest food kitchen in Central Oregon, employment-related training to at-risk youth and adults, and the provision of basic goods and services to at-risk, low-income residents.  It is important to realize that each and every BCC program was created to help the homeless and low-income achieve a higher standard of living by providing basic services for basic needs.

BCC Programs and Services include:

Hall and Room Rentals / Catering

Feed the Hungry / Keep Them Warm – provides up to 1,400 meals per week!

On-the-Job Training (Youth and Adults) – through COIC

Community Service – Volunteer opportunities for hours needed for school or courts.


Volunteers are the most valuable resource at BCC.  The experience, time and talents contributed by volunteers strengthen all our program areas.   Volunteers are defined as “people who give time and expertise without receiving or expecting monetary pay, or other forms of compensation, including goods or services BCC may offer.”

Bend’s Community Center (BCC) is committed to providing a caring and nurturing atmosphere.  As such, BCC strives to offer all volunteers an environment that includes:

• Fellowship

• A sense of fun and accomplishment

• Recognition and on-going organizational support

There are important rights, responsibilities and benefits for all BCC volunteers:

Volunteer Rights

• Have rewarding, suitable jobs with real expectations and support

• Be provided with orientation, support and supervision when available

• Be trusted and respected by co-workers and staff

• Be treated as a co-worker and appropriately recognized for your efforts

Volunteer Responsibilities

• Accept those assignments suited to personal interests, talents and skills

• Participate in orientation and/or training programs

• Learn about BCC programs, policies and people and uphold the mission of BCC

• Act in a professional manner (see details below)

• Be accountable to and supportive of BCC when involved with BCC work

• Complete assignment once assumed


Volunteer Benefits

• Receive help in reaching personal goals

• Increase leadership ability

• Participate in training and learning opportunities

• Know efforts are helping others and improving BCC

• Gain encouragement and recognition through cooperative effort

• Develop and increase self-confidence and awareness

• Develop lasting friendships


The following rules and policies apply to volunteers with all BCC programs.  In some programs, there may be additional polices and guidelines that need to be followed (please check if applicable to your volunteer activity).

Obligations of a 501(c)3 organization – BCC has been designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization.  This means that donations to BCC are tax deductible.  It also means that personal religious and political beliefs must be kept to yourself.

Donations – all donations to any BCC program are a donation to BCC and are considered the property of BCC.  Any personal use of such donations shall be treated as theft.

Volunteer Needs – if a volunteer is in need of any basic goods or services provided by BCC, they still must go through the appropriate channels (i.e. to obtain a voucher).  No special treatment is given to BCC volunteers.  In addition, BCC volunteer leaders do not have the right to determine otherwise.

Purpose of a Volunteer – we know it is fun to have your friends or family join you at BCC (and we always need more volunteers), but you must keep in mind that the purpose of a volunteer is to do a task – not to hang out or be a distraction to others.

Drugs or Alcohol – no drugs or alcohol may be used at any time while you are a volunteer at BCC.  Furthermore, no drugs or alcohol may be used prior to your volunteer shift as it may impair your performance and put others at risk.

Clothing and Personal Hygiene – since volunteers are ambassadors for BCC, and often the face of the organization when we meet with the public, it is an expectation that clothing and attire will be appropriate at all times and that personal hygiene (i.e. shower) is good.

No Harassment – BCC intends to provide a work environment that is pleasant, and free from intimidation, hostility or other offenses which might interfere with volunteer work performance.  Harassment of any sort – verbal, physical, visual, etc. – will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Attendance – even though you are a volunteer and not paid staff, we still depend upon you to be present and on time if you have agreed to a specific task.  If you know that you are not able to be there, please contact BCC at 541-312-2069 as soon as you know this to be the case.

Sign-in at all times – we require that all volunteers sign in when they get there and sign out when they leave – NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you are injured while “on the job” you will only be covered by our Workers’ Compensation policy if you have officially signed in as a volunteer.  In addition, BCC tracks all volunteer hours that we report to our funders.

Injuries suffered while a Volunteer – if you suffer an injury while working in your capacity as a BCC volunteer, please report it to a BCC staff member as soon as possible.  No matter how small the injury, there must be an incident report filled out.


This Volunteer Handout is an important document intended to help you become familiar with BCC and its rules and policies with respect to volunteers.  This Handout will serve as a guide; it is not the final word in all cases.  Individual circumstances may call for individual attention.

Please read the following statements as you will be asked to sign this section on the Volunteer Application.

I have received and read a copy of the BCC Volunteer Handout.  I understand that the policies, rules and benefits described in it are subject to change at the sole discretion of BCC at any time.

I understand that my volunteer service is terminable “at will”, either by myself or BCC

I am aware that during the course of my volunteer service, confidential information may be made available to me (i.e. fundraising policies, marketing strategies, customer lists, volunteer lists, pricing policies, agent agreements, and other related information).  I understand that this information is critical to the success of BCC and must not be given out or used outside of BCC premises or with non-BCC employees.  In the event of termination of service, whether voluntary or involuntary, I hereby agree not to utilize or exploit this information with any other individual or company.

I understand that my signature below indicates that I have read and understand the above statements and have received a copy of the BCC Volunteer Handout.