Job Training

Over the last several years, Bend’s Community Center (BCC) has participated as a Central Oregon training site for those unemployed and trying to move off public assistance and/or gain work experience. BCC currently partners with COIC (Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council) and their efforts to employ and train those seeking assistance.

Job training can be for as little as 6 hrs per week up to 40 hrs per week and it depends entirely upon the individual needs and interests of the job trainee. In 2009, more than 200 adults and youth received job training at BCC. Now that our programs are smaller we are committed to providing training for one full time position year-round. Together, these job training partners play an essential role at BCC – providing low-cost “staffing” to help run BCC programs and make the organization successful! Job training takes place at the BCC building (1036 NE 5th Street in Bend, Oregon).