Facilities Rental

Did you know Bend’s Community Center has over 4,500 sq ft of rentable space that can be configured in a variety of ways? We can help with all kinds of events: informal, theatre-style or sit-down – serving a range of needs both large and small. BCC features the following space and amenities:

• Main Hall (2,400 sq ft) – can also be divided into two separate rooms with airwalls.  Newly refinished flooring, perfect for dancing!
• Cafe (1,429 sq ft) – can accommodate up to 95 people
• Stage – with podium and full sound and A/V system
• Mini-kitchen/Wetbar – with refrigerator and sink for after-hour parties (does not include the commercial kitchen)
• Projector in Ceiling w/screen
• ADA accessible – 2 full ADA bathrooms and showers
• In-house catering and bar service are available
• Fax machine, copier, phones, easels, TV, VCR, etc.available at reasonable rates

Full Rental Policies, Procedures and pricing are below.
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Main Hall – whole (front and back section): 250 person capacity

$65 per hour
$260 for 4 hours
$650 for 10 hours
$1,560 for 24 hours

Main Hall – half (either front or back section): 100 person capacity

$40 per hour
$160 for 4 hours
$400 for 10 hours
$960 for 24 hours

Cafe – 75-95 person capacity

$30 per hour
$120 for 4 hours
$300 for 10 hours
$720 for 24 hours

Commercial Kitchen

$15 per hour (WITH concurrent hall rental)
$25 per hour (WITHOUT concurrent hall rental)

Entire facility (renting all available rooms, does not include Administrative Offices): 350 person capacity

$95 per hour
$380 for 4 hours
$950 for 10 hours
24 hours – variable

BCC Rental Policies and Procedures (please call us if you need clarification or have questions)

Alcohol/Insurance: Alcohol may ONLY be served with BCC approval. A $25 – $50 fee is required for an OLCC permit. A $1 million insurance policy naming BCC as coinsured for not less than $1 million for personal liability and property damage and a $500 refundable Cleaning/Damage/Theft deposit in mandatory – NO EXCEPTIONS. Violation of this policy or any part of this policy will result in loss of all deposits, responsibility for any legal or other fees BCC may incur or assign in the attempt to collect any costs related to the breach of contract. You MUST rent the entire building if alcohol is served.

Animals/Pets: Animals or pets of any type or size are NOT ALLOWED in BCC for any reason or length of time with the exception of seeing eye dogs. Animals may not be tied, tethered or left outdoors or in cars on BCC property during events. Violations may result in Animal Control being called and/or the event being shut down.

Cancellations: A minimum $25 fee will be charged for cancellation of any contract. Within 30 days of the event, a $100 minimum fee will be charged. Within two weeks or less of the event, up to 100% of the total hall rental fee will be charged.

Deposits, Fees, Refunds: A $150 cleaning deposit is required for all events less than 4 hours, a $250 deposit for events 4-9 hours, but no alcohol; and a $500 deposit for any event 10 hours or longer and/or which serves alcohol – NO EXCEPTIONS. Additional fees may be required for additional services or equipment usage. All fees must be paid in full two weeks prior to the event or the event may be cancelled and deposits forfeited. All deposits will be forfeited and legal or other fees may be charged if:

a) alcohol is served without all policies being adhered to (see above);
b) your event disrupts other renter’s events;
c) BCC neighbors complain about the event or if police are summoned due to problems with an event, including violation of the City’s 10:00 pm noise curfew.

Refundable deposits will be mailed out within 5 business days if all terms were met to BCC’s requirements and satisfaction.

Reservations: All rentals must be reserved in advance, a contract signed, full payment made, and insurance policy in place (if required) prior to the event – or – rental applications are null and void and all deposits and/or hall rents forfeited.

Setup and Cleanup: Each renter is responsible for setup, tear-down and cleanup unless prior arrangements have been made in writing. Please factor this into the length of your rental time. A $15/hr charge per person is required for staff assistance.

No Staff Support: We do not provide any type of support staff for any function. Messages will be taken ONLY in case of emergency. If staff time is consumed due to any reason or is otherwise required, a minimum of $25 per hour will be charged.


1) All cleaning supplies and tools are located in clearly marked closets throughout the building. All items must be returned to proper places. The renter is responsible for all setup and cleanup including cleaning and repacing all furniture to its proper location.

2) All BCC rooms are non-smoking – NO EXCEPTIONS. Outdoor smoking is tolerated as long as smoking related items are deposited in proper receptacles.

3) NO FIRES, CANDLES, BBQ’s OR OTHER FIRE-RELATED EQUIPMENT ALLOWED INSIDE THE BUILDING. All fire-related items for exterior use must be approved by BCC prior to event. All BBQ’s and other type items must be placed 25 feet away from the building.

4) All non-carpeted floors, including bathrooms and kitchens, must be swept thoroughly. All spills or obvious spots must be wiped up or, if necessary, floors must be mopped.

5) All trash, cigarette butts, decorations, signs, etc. connected to your event must be removed from the BCC building, grounds and the parking lot at the end of the event. Any outdoor littering WILL result in partial or full loss of cleaning deposit.

6) Renters and their guests must remain in the rented area at all times or full rates for the unauthorized use of other areas will be charged. Children must be supervised and must remain in their rented areas at all times or deposits may be forfeited and the event shut down.

7) If rented area is not cleaned in accordance to this contract and to BCC satisfaction, an hourly rate per staff person (a minimum of $25) will be deducted from the cleaning deposit.

8) All forms of advertising which mention BCC must be approved by management prior to posting. Use of facilities does not mean BCC endorses the event or the group.

For more information contact BCC at 541-312-2069 or email Sheila@bendscommunitycenter.org.