Firewood Program

Firewood is a real need.

Hundreds of households and homeless in Bend need firewood. Heating costs can create a crisis in many families with low incomes, and is a matter of life and death for the homeless in the harsh Central Oregon winters. We depend on builders and large property owners to donate and help store the firewood we supply to our guests. Thank you to everyone who donates their time and firewood to this program. It really does make a difference!

Firewood Bank Policy– Bend’s Community Center

Firewood is often in high demand. We can only give one week’s worth of wood to each household each month in order to be fair and to stretch our limited resources as much as possible. It is not possible for us to supply any one household with 100% of their wood needs each month. However, we require all guests requesting free firewood follow the policies listed below:

• Clients must be preapproved prior to receiving wood.
• Clients must be pre-approved for each firewood request each month.
• Clients must make an appointment with BCC staff M – F, 9am – 4pm. No paperwork or approvals will be performed on weekends, no exceptions. Email, fax, or in some cases, phone, verification may take place if an in-house appointment is a hardship.
• Once approved, clients will receive a voucher good for one week’s worth of wood for the month of issue, which must be picked up prior to the expiration date.
• Outdated vouchers will not be honored.

Homeless clients

Clients without current ID or who are homeless may receive one day’s worth of wood as a one-time emergency solution. However, BCC will require ID for a second request. BCC can also assist clients needing ID to fill out appropriate paperwork and will mail it out for homeless clients during business hours, M-F, 9am – 4pm. Appointments are required.

Pre-Approval process:

Clients must make an appointment and bring current personal ID AND at least one
of the following:
• Current food stamp card
• Current TANF paperwork
• Letter from TANF or food stamp counselor
• Letter of proof of need from another non-profit agency: FAN network, NeighborImpact, WIC, Bethlehem Inn, or COVO

• Pre-approved clients may PICK UP wood on the weekends.
• Pre-approved clients must show BCC’s firewood voucher to BCC staff prior to picking up wood.

Contact info (M-F, 9am – 4pm, no weekend appointments other paperwork):
BCC: 541-312-2069
Address: BCC, 1036 NE 5th St., Bend OR 97701

Thank you for understanding, and helping us serve all those in need.